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Visual Osmosis - Diana Arce

Diana Arce

White Guilt Clean Up, WIP

Diana Arce, 21 Chairs, Work in Progress

21 Chairs, WIP

Rückstande, WIP

Büro für Stadtverbesserung, 2013 - ongoing

La possibilité d'une île, 2011

Dead Collective, 2009 - ongoing

Politaoke at Netzkultur. A project by Diana Arce

Politaoke, 2007- ongoing

Temporary Borders, 2007


Repopulation and Passive Protest, 2007

Escape, 2006

Corporate Practice: Junior Executive Training, 2004

Congratulations, You've Now Been Naturalized, 2002

May Day, Silent Noise, 2002

Suburban Landscape #1, 2002

Self Study Course, 2002

El Arco Iris Peaceweek, 2001

A film by Diana Arce

Du Lebst, 2001

Streetwalker, 2001

Character Study #1, 2001

Creation, Death, Memory, 2000

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